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Synth is a new take on an old idea. Websites have been implementing mailing lists as a way of connecting with their visitors for decades. Put up an email sign up for and those select few visitors that really love your site will submit their email addresses. These days, a run-of-the-mill newsletter has the added difficulties of a lack of sponsors, GDPR guidelines, and minimal value proposition.

When Substack was launched in 2017, it gave journalists and writers an opportunity to leave newsrooms and set out and build their own revenue stream. Now in 2023 there are thousands of Substacks with a variety of success stories.

We have been buying and operating high traffic websites for 15 years. The vast majority of revenue from these websites has been (and still is) display/video ads, sponsored content, and/or affiliate commissions. The main issue in modern times is that these monetization methods have matured and spread out across a variety of mediums. Website owners have watched their earnings drop year-over-year and it’s not clear if things will get better. Couple this with the impending removal of third party cookies by Google, and you have alot of uncertainty surrounding your online business.

Synth is a simple idea: A managed premium newsletter. Within that simple framework came a suite of integrations for publisher websites to make elements of their site customizable for subscribers. This is free for you the publisher and presents you with a new revenue stream. This presents itself as fully branded to your site and your audience. In addition, it offers you tools such as creating an ad-free version of your website for subscribers.

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