How to Implement Synth On Your Website

Email Subscribers

Synth replaces your current email sign-up provider with a fully integrated revenue-generating solution. You can create sign up buttons or email input forms. When a subscriber adds their email, they will be asked to confirm their subscription

Synth provides you with email sign up forms, buttons, and other creatives to receive subscribers through. Each Synth is given a landing page for subscribers and acts as a CMS for the content that the users receive.

Landing Pages

Each Synth is given a landing page (example) for their newsletter product. This is a platform for both signing up subscribers and for producing content.

This will also act as your back-end dashboard. Reporting of subscribers (both free and premium) are available to publishers on a daily basis. This includes payments as well.

Other Integrations

Synth integration works as a newsletter, but you can wrap code on your website with Synth authorization confirmation. The most popular use-case is allowing your subscribers to access your website ad-free.

In your dashboard, you can access this code as well as instructions on how to use it to hide elements of your site for subscribers, but also show certain elements. Examples of both are:

HIDE: You would like to make your site ad free for premium subscribers.
SHOW: You would like certain content on your website to only be available to premium subscribers.

Your site will be provided with an “authorize” button that allows subscribers to login to activate those elements.

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