What if I have an existing mailing list?

We can import any existing mailing lists, however we only accepts lists with a higher than 35% open rate. Alternatively, a list can be parsed down to it’s quality subscribers.

How do users subscribe?

We have email sign up forms, buttons, and other creatives to drive subscribers. Each Synth is given a landing page for subscribers and acts as a Content Management System for the content that the subscribers receive.

Do I have to offer a premium newsletter as part of the offering?

Yes, a paid version must be made available to subscribers.

Are sponsorships available for free newsletters?

Not currently, but on a rolling basis when available. These are done on a 60/40 (to you the publisher) split.

Can I set the schedule for newsletters?

Yes, you have flexibility on how often the newsletters go out to your subscribers.

Is this fully GDPR/CCPA Compliant?

All email subscribers will be fully opted-in and comply with all current regulations.

What are the current partnership options?

We have three tiers of partnerships available to publishers. You can explore the partnership options here.

How do your payments and reporting work?

Payment are made on a NET30 basis to all publishers. Reporting of subscribers (both free and premium) are available to publishers on a daily basis.

Who owns the email list?

The email lists are shared between the publisher and Synth, including lists that are imported into Synth. Synth will not send any emails, sell or share your email lists without direct confirmation from you, the publisher.

Can I cancel this at any time?

Publishers can cancel anytime. This would also cancel any and all premium subscribers as well. These subscriptions cannot be directly transferred out of Synth.

What is in the newsletters for your “fully managed” option?

Free – We use a combination of publisher content (when available) and publicly available content to produce a high quality newsletter, while teasing the premium version. This is discussed before hand with the publisher. Premium – We have premium newsletters that are build for different categories of websites. These include things like discounts, give-aways, in-depth analysis, exclusive access, an ad-free experience, ebooks, and other offerings. What baseline tools/features do I get? -Email sign up tools -Synth landing page and CMS -Dashboard for analyzing subscribers -Code for showing/hiding website or ad sections based on subscriber status -Marketing and networking for growth